First Community Church brings together individuals from various denominations and backgrounds to unite on a path to better understand God. We strive to maintain the fullest freedom of individual conscience in matters of faith and practice. Through the teachings of Jesus Christ, we seek unity of purpose which creates a sanctuary for wellness, growth and understanding. 


We believe and are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ. All that we are is firmly entrenched in the great commandment to love God and the second commandment to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. 

We believe all matters of faith – the interpretation of scripture, our relationship with God, baptism, and communion – are a matter of individual conscience and interpretation.

We are committed to the unity of all people who are interested in advancing the Kingdom of God on earth. 

We believe unity does not exist through conformity to a particular creed, form or name. It exists through a spirit of mutual trust and tolerance, thereby enabling men, women and children to work and worship together in their diversity. 

We are missionary within the local community of Joplin, the surrounding area, and the world. 

We are organized, but we believe that organization must always remain secondary, always subject to change. 

We seek a form of worship that is simple, impressive and flexible. In our worship, we pass the communion elements each Sunday morning so that people may partake of them as often as they wish, or not at all. 

Our membership entails no specific duties or mandated activities. Individuals may become members of this church by simply informing the minister of their desire to do so. 

Our form of government is democratic, operating through an elected Board. The congregation owns its own property and determines all of its own policies. All questions not properly settled by the Board are settled by a vote of the congregation. 

We believe there is no natural conflict between science and religion. Religion need not fear investigation or discussion, and science need not fear the faith of religion. 

We are committed to preserving the principle of the separation of church and state, believing the church of Jesus Christ is not political in nature and that the state is not religious. We challenge our members to think independently and to vote accordingly. 

First Community Church of Joplin