Even though we carryout our ministry outside the bounds of denominational identity, we maintain a spirit of unity with other Christian traditions.  We see ourselves as part of the mainstream of American Protestantism, appreciating our neighboring churches and their ministries.

At FCC, we have no creed or written statement of faith beyond calling ourselves Christians.  We are followers of Jesus and make his story the central feature of our church life.  The Great Commandment to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves is our guiding principle.

We pursue a classic style of worship that includes piano and organ music, familiar hymns, litanies, prayers and scripture readings.  In addition, FCC celebrates the Communion Meal (Lord's Supper) each Sunday as the centering moment of our worship.  Everyone is invited to participate, including visitors and non-members.  FCC has a volunteer choir, and our worship often includes music from people and groups from within the Joplin community.

We are committed to the unity of all people who seek to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.  FCC is missionary within the local community of Joplin, the surrounding area, and the world.

All people are welcome at FCC, period.  Our membership is open to all who seek to unite with our congregation in a spirit of full fellowship.  To join FCC, contact Pastor Russell through the church office.  He will be happy to meet with you and share information about our church.


First Community Church of Joplin